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Our wine is grown, it was born more than thirty years ago thanks to the desire of the Sacchetti family to have a place to live their passion for nature and for the fruits it can give: a small vineyard for family production, an olive grove, few animals that are raised there, however, with great passion.

It stands on the hill of the same name, a few kilometers from Montemurlo (Prato, Tuscany), surrounded by beautiful hills famous for their oil production and close to the Protected Natural Area of Monteferrato.

It is a historic complex, consisting of several housing units, which originates from one of the first Etruscan settlements in the area and is located about an hour away from all the major art cities of the region.

Poggio di Cicignano has therefore, since its inception, all the charm and magic of the historic estates that dot Tuscany, where it seems that nature and history have decided to show off the most profound beauty.

It was in the 1980s, however, that a new, important ingredient was added to this mix: the conscious search for a production of excellence. Michele Sacchetti decides, partly out of passion and partly for fun, to adopt the principles and values of biodynamic agriculture for existing productions (oil and wine) and to focus exclusively on high quality wines and oils.