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Natural wines according to the principles of biodynamics

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Aromas and naturalness of Vanempo wines inspired by the principles of biodynamic agriculture

Born in the vineyard, not in the cellar

Vanempo is a high quality wine, the result of careful work on the land and plants inspired by the principles of biodynamics.

Thanks to the excellent grapes provided by a land respected in its needs, it is a wine that it does not need subsequent alterations to have an excellent flavor and be able to tell our territory.

"I have always believed in beautiful things, and beautiful things are born from the dreams of a child"

The earth must be stimulated to give its best, without polluting it or creating harmful long-term antagonists.


Our wines are certified by the AgriBioDinamica association

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Vanempo was born more than thirty years ago near Montemurlo in Tuscany.


It has its roots in one of the first Etruscan settlements in the area.

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